About Rhonda

Life is about the journey, the road we take, the right and left turns, the stops and starts. Sometimes we just need help navigating. Our life can create stress, illness and imbalances within us; mind, body and spirit. What if you had a spiritual toolbox that you could open up and get some of the help you need.

My work is to help people like you become healthy in mind, body and spirit; using spiritual tools to release trauma, emotional baggage, reduce stress and physical conditions; help find focus, clarity and center in your life. I offer Reiki, Meditation and Angel messages as the ways to help you.

We all have a story. A story that has brought us to this moment. For me, happiness meant being healthy. For years I watched someone close to me make poor decisions regarding their health and knew from a young age, I was not going to let that happen to me.

I was drawn to crystals in the 80s loving the energy they gave off. I used crystals then and I use them now to diffuse negative energy from a room and for protection from people who are very negative.

My life’s purpose began to reveal itself. In the mid 90s, I became a 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner and in 1995, I became a Reiki Master-Teacher in the Mikao Usui lineage. My Clients are both people and animals. I have witnessed positive, physical and emotional (past/present) changes in my Clients. I am grateful to be part of the profound changes physically, mentally and spiritually.

As I continued on my spiritual journey, I started Meditating and because of what Meditation did for me, I want to share others. I studied Meditation and became a Coach.

For years, I felt connected to the Archangels especially Michael, Rafael, Ariel and Gabriel. Through the loving guidance of the Angels, I received my Master Angel Certification and Animal Communication from Charles Virtue.

I can help you turn your stressful life into a peaceful life filled with love, light and ultimate happiness using Reiki, Angel Messages and Guided Meditation. Begin your journey.

With Love and Blessings, I offer you Essentials 4 Better Health through Reiki, Meditation and Messages from the Angels. Connect with me.


*Independent Reiki Master-Teacher
*Independent Meditation Coach
*Master Angel Certification & Animal Communicator


Reiki Healing Association
Theosophical Society in America
National Association Holistic Aromatherapy
American Quarter Horse Association
Pet Partners & Music City Pet Partners


Just for Today I will not worry

Just for Today I will be kind to all living things

Just for Today I will not be angry

Just for Today I will do my work honestly

Just for Today I will be grateful

All living things; all people, all animals, all plants, mountains and hills, oceans and rivers are connected to each other. I don’t think any of us can survive without this connection. Just for today I will bring peace into my life and by doing so I bring peace into the world. If I can create peace in my own life and help at least one person heal, then I have saved, the world.


Reiki is…Life Force 

Reiki is a natural healing method for stress reduction in people and animals. Rei means Universal or Wisdom. Ki means Life Force Energy. Think of Reiki as energy with wisdom. Reiki is for people, animals and all other living things. Reiki is spiritual in nature.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is transferred from a Reiki Practitioner to the Client through the placement of hands over the Chakras. A Reiki Practitioner acts as a channel for the Ki (life force energy) to flow through.  Reiki helps the body heal itself.

Reiki balances the Chakras and reduces stress thereby preventing dis-ease and maintains optimum health for your entire being. Reiki sessions can help heal chronic conditions, acute conditions, addictions and emotional baggage. How frequent the sessions depends on the situation and to be discussed between Practitioner and Client.

Reiki is part of the holistic approach to good health. Reiki works in concert with other healing modalities and of course traditional western medicine and veterinary practices.

Reiki can - Keep you healthy mind, body and spirit. Reiki helps release negative thoughts and patterns that create an imbalance. Reiki can keep you centered and focused. 

Make it your intention to feel good…Retreat, Relax and Release.

Distance & Virtual Group Reiki

You can receive and benefit from a Reiki session whether in person or from where ever you reside. Distance Reiki sessions or Virtual Group Reiki sessions can work for you.

  • Distance Reiki is directed and sent to you wherever you are. Your energy field/aura emanating from you is unique to you and the Reiki is able to zero in to connect and start the healing process
  • Virtual Reiki is a form of distance Reiki following the same principles. In this case, I utilize video conferencing as a way to connect with you. With Virtual Reiki sessions, am able to send Reiki to more than one person. It can be a way to get others you know together for a group healing session
  • Reiki is Universal Lifeforce Energy and as such it is intelligent energy. Reiki does not conform to time or space, as we know it and connects to you immediately
  • A Reiki Master and 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner have the ability to send the healing energy to you

Animal Reiki

All animals have a mind, body and spirit. All animals have Ki (lifeforce) flowing through them just as people do. Just like us, animals get stressed, injured and even have psychological issues. Reiki can help.

Reiki can be used to get your dog, cat or horse back to good health. It will help with:

  • Behavioral Issues
  • Speeding the healing process from injury or surgery
  • Reducing stress
  • Healing from trauma

Animals are more accepting of Reiki than even people are. Reiki will help in some way with almost any situation.


Reiki balances the Chakras regulates, maintains and manages the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. Think about what happens if any of the Chakras are out of balance…stress and illness can occur.

The Reiki hand positions are placed over the body’s organs/chakras; such as the heart, lungs and throat. The Reiki flows to the organ/chakra and heals from a mind and body perspective.

Seven main chakras - Location Color and Emotion

Crown – 7th Chakra (Violet White) Top of the head. The crown is connected to divine awareness

Third Eye – 6th Chakra (Indigo) Sits between eyes. Relates to inner vision and intuition

Throat – 5th Chakra (Blue) At the throat. Relates to communication and expression of feelings

Heart – 4th Chakra (Green) At the heart and relates to love, compassion and relationships

Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra – (Yellow) Is the diaphragm. Considered the power center. Connects with self-esteem and confidence as well as judgments and fears

Sacral – 2nd Chakra (Orange) Sits below the navel. Relates to creativity and sexual aspect of ourselves

Root – 1st Chakra (Red) Sits at base of spine. Relates to survival and the ability to feel grounded

Reiki Offerings

Reiki Sessions

$45.00 @ 25 minutes

Reiki Sessions

$80.00 @ 50 minutes

Distance Reiki Sessions

$35.00 @ 30 minutes

Animal Reiki Sessions

$50.00 - $90.00

Reiki Class Instruction & Attunements

1st Level


2nd Level


Master Level


Master Level + Teacher


Discounts for multiple sessions
Gift Certificates Available

Pay for sessions using Venmo - @Rhonda-Sherry

*Reiki is complementary to medical and veterinary medicine. In an emergency contact your physician or veterinarian.


Find a quiet spot and sit in a comfortable position. Breath in and breath out focusing on the sound your breath, feel the rise and fall of your chest any thoughts, just let them go…

Have you heard those words before, are you curious about Meditation? Do you have friends that meditate or you have attempted meditation yourself?  There are many forms of meditation and it can be daunting as to what will work best for you. I believe starting out simple and easy is the best if you are just putting your toe in the water. Simple to me includes a focused meditation, Zen meditation and Vipassana meditation. The three practices are similar, but are not the same. All you need is a few minutes a day. Let’s try it.

Meditation is the art of being mindful, looking inward and connecting to your higher self.  Quieting the mind, focusing on the third eye chakra or listening to guided words and sounds is Meditation. Meditation can be guided or not guided, in a group or by sitting in a quiet place in silence on your own.

If you are asking, how can meditation help you, to start, there are many health benefits to practicing meditation on a regular basis and it starts with the reduction of daily stress. Meditating on a regular basis can help you mentally focus, find clarity with thoughts, decisions and perceptions. Finding that center, focus and clarity can assist us at being better in our careers, our relationships and can help keep us get and stay healthy at all levels of our being. Getting quiet daily can help you heal in ways you could not imagine. Pay attention to the positive changes within yourself by meditating regularly.

I know that all of us, without doubt want to experience being calm centered and well. Making time to meditate is a way to get there.

Meditation Offerings

Group Meditation Classes

$15.00 per Class 


$12.00 Package of 10 Classes


$10.00 Package of 20 Classes

One on One Class

$20.00 per Class

Gift Certificates Available
Pay for sessions using Venmo - @Rhonda-Sherry

Angel Messages

What the Angels Want You to Know

I work with the Archangels because they are pure love and want the best for us all. The guidance I receive from the Angels has brought me to this moment and the Archangels can do the same for you. Angels are non-denominational. They are pure energy and love. The Angels are here to guide and assist you. You only need to ask.

Do you hear the same song over and over or see a sequence of numbers like 111 or 333 frequently? Do you wonder if these experiences mean something?  Do you wake up at the same time during the night, every night? Is there a message here? Do you feel a little lost, is there a big decision to be made in your life? The Angels are trying to tell you something. 

We all have personal Angels and Guides. There are those beings that have been with us through our soul’s journey and those that come to us for periods in our lives.

There are times when we need to call upon the Archangels for help. I have provided a list of who a few Archangels can do for you in certain situations.

Archangel Michael helps us release our fears, gives us confidence when we need it

Archangel Rafael helps in love and healing

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger and can help you with communication

Archangel Ariel takes care of animals and all nature

Archangel Nathaniel can help you release the things that no longer serve you

Let me help you connect with the Archangels through an Angel card reading. Ask a question or just ask the Angels, what should I know right at this time. Each Angel card drawn is a message you are meant to hear right now. I can help you understand the meaning of the drawn cards with what the Angels want you to know. Heal and grow with the Angels’ messages.


Offerings – Readings are in person, by phone or video  

Angel Card Reading

30-60 minutes     $40.00-$80.00

Gift Certificates Available
Pay for sessions using Venmo - @Rhonda-Sherry


"I am an actor and when I am auditioning or performing, I enjoy having Rhonda provide extra support around my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Rhonda is extremely perceptive and intuitive. She has an innate ability to hone in on exactly what I need, every single time. Rhonda you are a gift! Thank you for your continued support…"
Lynne - CA Manager
"My first Reiki experience was after I gave blood. I felt faint and nauseated. Rhonda gave me a mini Reiki session and afterwards I felt like a new person. Over the next month, Rhonda treated my little ailments from headaches, cramps and hangovers with success each time. After experiencing all that Reiki could do for me, I wanted to learn and be attuned. Reiki not only physically heals; it also treats the mental and emotional aspects of your life. Now I can work on myself…"
Sherry - OK Manager
"It was time for me to quit smoking. I was at a pack a day. I told Rhonda that I was ready to quit. She said she would schedule distance Reiki sessions four times a week for a month. We looked for the Reiki to keep me from smoking and I have to say it did more than that I never felt a craving or got headaches that people seem to get…"
Pam - CA Manager
"I had this feeling of a lump in my throat. It was hard to swallow and it would not go away. I went to a homeopathic doctor who prescribed certain compounds to treat symptoms. Nothing was helping. I found Rhonda and we talked about my symptoms and what was going on in my life at the time the lump started. I live a few hours away from Rhonda so scheduled distance Reiki sessions. Rhonda told me to keep a journal and reflect on my emotions during this time. Rhonda sent Reiki 3x/week for a month. She checked in with me weekly. I have to say that by the time we finished our distance sessions, the lump in my throat was gone…"
Maureen - CA Manager
"I have been a horse trainer for many years. While it is a labor of love, it takes its toll on my body. Since I have been seeing Rhonda for Reiki on a weekly basis, I have more energy and more comfort in spite of what my body goes through. I took a spill off a horse recently. Usually the recovery time would be days, but Rhonda treated me right away and I was back in the saddle the next day. I never even bruised. What Rhonda does is truly amazing and I am grateful for her and her abilities…"
Dale - TN Manager
"At the end of a Reiki session, I am left feeling completely relaxed and warm; at the same time refreshed. Whatever pain or discomfort I may have had before, whether mental or physical is diminished with this beautiful source of energy…"
Wilma - AZ Manager
" I received an Angel Card reading from Rhonda in 2018, during a particularly transitional time of my life. The cards resonated and reaffirmed my feelings, and also added a new dimension that helped me go deeper. The experience was profound and very worthwhile. I am grateful for the insights, then and now. Rhonda gave me a reading in 2017 while I was going through an extremely difficult time and the messages, I received warmed my heart and soul. They provided the strength and guidance I needed to move forward and were also accurate in what came to pass in my life afterwards. She has the most beautiful aura and a true gift for spiritual insight and connection. I believe certain people come into our lives for a reason and I feel very blessed she was brought into mine…"
Amy Z - TX Manager
" Shoji was my Akita. By the time I met Rhonda, Shoji was around ten years old. She had hip dysplasia. I tried everything from T Touch to chiropractic. Shoji hated to be touched. I found Rhonda's business card and called her. We met in a park. My dog laid down and Rhonda sat next to her. Shoji let Rhonda touch her, first of all and the session lasted 50 minutes. Though nothing will cure hip dysplasia, Shoji's attitude was better and she could take long walks, which she loved. Rhonda continued to work on Shoji through her remaining years."
Beth - CA Manager
" When my Shepherd Mix Roxie, was 12 years old she had a tumor removed from her abdomen. I wanted to give Roxie whole support for a full recovery; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Rhonda provided Reiki to support Roxie's wellbeing. Needless to say, Roxie healed very quickly. Her attitude was upbeat and the tumor happily was diagnosed as benign. Roxie's going strong at 14 years old and counting. Thank you, Rhonda for your love and support"
Roxie's Mom - CA Manager
" Rhonda's remote Reiki work was recommended to me. I have a rescue cat I named Rex. He was found at 6 weeks old and was very sick. We can't know what he had been subjected to in those first few weeks, but he became aggressive towards my partner and I. Rhonda connected with Rex remotely sending Reiki along with a message say that he is safe and loved. Rex has calmed down significantly. Rhonda's work is amazing! We are so grateful!"
Sue & Rex - CA Manager
" When my Shepherd Mix Roxie, was 12 years old she had a tumor removed from her abdomen. I wanted to give Roxie whole support for a full recovery; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Rhonda provided Reiki to support Roxie's wellbeing. Needless to say, Roxie healed very quickly. Her attitude was upbeat and the tumor happily was diagnosed as benign. Roxie's going strong at 14 years old and counting. Thank you, Rhonda for your love and support"
Leslie - NJ Manager
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